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Models / Willow Lansky

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Willow Lansky Updates

Too Slick to Get Tickled?
Onyx Kim , Willow Lansky
Onyx Kim thinks she's slick. She's about to leave a shoot for the third time in a row without being tickled. She loves dishing it out, but isn't crazy about receiving it. However, Willow isn't having it. She's been keeping tabs on Onyx skipping out without being tickled and she's ready to collect!...

Tags: Asians Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Bri's Tickle Practice Dummy!
Skull Candy Bri , Willow Lansky
Skull Candy Bri is usually the one being tickled, but this time we thought we'd give her a break and let her dish it out. And we gave her some of the most ticklish feet in our roster to practice on ... Willow's. It doesn't take Bri long to revel in the delight of Willow's cackling and pleas for...

Tags: Asians Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Tickle Wars, Episode 17: May the Force Laugh with You!
Irene Silver , Kat Van Wylder
CONCLUSION TO OUR STAR WARS PARODY! In the wake of Persephone Darkbringer's ticklish de-feet, Darth Viscerous and Sera Stormchaser (Riot Starter) race against the Imperial Fleet to track down Raine C'Baoth (Irene Silver), who has stolen the Hermes, a TIE fighter equipped with a hyperdrive. They find...

Tags: Amazons Barefoot Bondage Cosplay
Not Ticklish, Huh? Pt. 2: Lucy vs. Willow!
Lucy Purr , Willow Lansky
THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO: Lucy and Willow are rival burglars who get caught fighting over a score til they get captured. One by one, each of them is bound to a table and tickled all over. Each claims she's not ticklish but it quickly becomes very obvious that they are! Which of them is more ticklish?...

Tags: Asians Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Not Ticklish, Huh?
Willow Lansky
THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Willow can be an insufferable brat sometimes. She's strapped down to a table for a ticklish lesson, to tame her. Even while restrained she can't help but run her mouth. She claims that she isn't ticklish but the first touches on her soft skin prove her to be a liar. Nevertheless,...

Tags: Asians Barefoot Big feet Bondage
Girl with the Iron Feet! Pt. 1/2: I Quit!
Lucy Purr , Willow Lansky
The casting conundrum for 'The Girl with the Iron Feet' continues, but now the stunt director has a solution! After witnessing Lucy and Willow in a tickle fight, he decides to put both of them in the mini-stocks for a special contest. He's going to tickle their feet and whichever one of them says "I...

Tags: Asians Barefoot Cosplay Foot Fetish
Girl with the Iron Feet! Pt. 0: Casting Competition!
Lucy Purr , Willow Lansky
NEW SERIES! LUCY PURR RETURNS! Martial arts fantasy movie, 'The Girl with the Iron Feet' has run into a casting kerfuffle as the casting director can't decide between Lucy Purr and Willow Lansky for one of the film's key roles. Left to decide between themselves, Lucy and Willow end up in a brawl....

Tags: Asians Barefoot Catfighting Cosplay
The Tickle Casting Couch! Pt. 135: Kilo, the Tickler!
Honey , Kilo
We usually start casting a model by starting her as a tickler, but this time we decided to show off new girl, KILO, as a tickLER. With an assist from Remy and I, she goes to town on the extremely ticklish tootsies of both Honey and Willow! Kilo learns some helpful tricks and along with her own sadistic...

Tags: Asians Barefoot Big feet Bondage


Thank you! I toe-tally agree. Look for more of her, coming soon!
do not make fun of me. last night i watched again a POTC movie and something crossed my mind : She coud be perfect in a pirate's parody as Willow Sparrow wiggling -)
She would be, wouldn't she?
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